zaterdag 27 augustus 2016

Today I am an interior junkie


One year ago my boyfriend an I moved in a new house, ready to have a place of our own.

We already refurbished the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. However we still have some points on our agenda, which need to be done. We have to renew the lavatory, a room we want to change into an office and the main entry of our house.

As we have a different kind of taste when it comes to interior design, a mood board is very handy. So, today I am making mood boards to find out which style we want in our home. Pinterest is a big help in this journey. And I actually like what I have put together. 

We are thinking of having an concrete floor with some pattern tiles in the lavatory and the main entry. 

That's it for now, I am sill working on some idea's to create an office in our house. And I will post it later on, when I have something which is worth sharing.

Enjoy your day!


woensdag 17 augustus 2016

Six reasons to visit Trondheim

Dear All,

Happy to write to you again! Today I like to tell you about the trip to Trondheim, Norway's original capital. It's a small but lively city with impressive historical buildings, like the Nidaros Cathedral. The mixture of the traditional fisherman houses and the historical buildings make the city attractive.

The city is not only very active but also known as a city of students and technology. A very nice taxi driver informed me of a cool city fact, which I love to share with you.. Did you know that game development offices of the world-famous games like Wordfeud and Race Day are situated in the middle of downtown Trondheim? I thought that was fun..

However, this trip was a business trip and involved the UEFA Super Cup 2016. It was amazing as the whole city was dominated by football and its supporters. Real Madrid had to face once again Sevilla in the third straight all-Spanish UEFA Super Cup. An amazing match were all true supporters have been waiting for started in the rain in the Lerkendal stadium. Despite the weather, the trills and excitement warmed up the fans and the match was exciting until the very last minutes. As both clubs didn't want to lose, Sevilla defence had to settle matters at the very last and Real Madrid won with 3-2 in extra time.

As promised here are the six reasons why you have to visit Trondheim, when you have the change..

1. Shopping is legendary, Trondheim has many shopping centres located in the city centre. In downtown Trondheim you will discover four large shopping centres located just metres apart. Trondheim Torg is a centrally located shopping center in the middle of Trondheim. Here you find 73 shops with fashion, shoes, beauty and wellness, house and home articles and electronics. You will also find several places to eat. Find more information by the following link.

2. The Nidaros Cathedral! It’s the most northernmost medieval cathedral in the world, the most important cathedral in the country.

3. To see the fishermen houses and to catch your own fish and to eat it a few minutes after you caught it.

4. To exhale some fresh air!

5. To hike in nature, enjoy the wild life and discover hidden treasures.

6. And to eat at amazing restaurants, if you want to visit Trondheim I can recommend some hot spots. The typical Norwegian dishes are hard to find. As Norwegians have gone on holiday to Italy, Spain and France to enjoy their fantastic, tasty traditions of other countries they started a lot of culinary restaurants. Two recommendations can be found below:

Nyfiken is a trattoria which is serving delicious Italian food along the waterside! Not only the food is amazing the interior is in ''New York style”, which makes you feel that you are a world traveler. 

San Sebasitan is a nice Tapas restaurant, which is very informal. The quality of food is nice and the interior will surprise you as this is not very Spanish. Here you can enjoy yourself with small bites along the waterside.

I hope you enjoyed it!


zaterdag 30 juli 2016

Jansz Amsterdam

Dear all! 

How is your day going so far? 
I am using mine to start blogging again. Today I look back to a special visit to a restaurant in Amsterdam, which is called Jansz. The restaurant is starting to be quite popular. However, the restaurant has a special place in my hart. 

Did you know that the restaurant is part of the Pulitzer hotel? After three years of working at the Pulitzer hotel, mostly in the former Restaurant Keizersgracht 238 now called Jansz, I still feel connected to the place. And it is a very special place, if you ask me. The interior is define! The former floor of the restaurant was covered with marble. They have removed the marble from the floor and created the table tops. I think that is very creative.

The food is excellent too! I ordered the bavette steak, which is not very common. It is from the lower part of the cow and very tender as tasty!

The dessert was fine not very special, no I am just kidding with you! It looked amazing. I tried the peach frangipane with milk ice cream. Is truly as rich and fancy as it sounds. Frangipane is an almond pastry cream that can be used as a filling in tarts or cakes. The term can be used to refer to both the almond cream itself or the pastry that is filled with it.

Not only the restaurant has changed but the whole hotel is going to be renovated. It is not all finished but some area's look already extraordinary. Take a peek at a define sitting area right next to the bar.

So, that's it about my visit at Janz. If you want to take a look yourself, below you will find the address and please tell me if you went and off course what your thoughts are!

(Reestraat 8, 1016DN Amsterdam)

Thank you for reading this blog!


woensdag 10 februari 2016

A brand new blog because of a brand new life

Dear all,

A brand new blog because of a brand new life. My life changed a lot. I graduated, moved from our cosy houseboat to a grown-up house with a lovely garden to relax fully in the summer. So as I am not a student anymore I can inform you that my life has changed to a full time job at a travel and event organisation. I really enjoy it and it feels great to begin with a new chapter in my life.

I am not only a project manager at an organisation, I am also a very import home decor stylist, amazing right? My first job is to decorate my very own home together with my boyfriend off course as we live in harmony (LOL).

We have worked our ass off and also my father in law was amazing during the whole process. All the bedrooms were stripped off and we had to rebuild a wall to make two bedrooms of one. The bathrooms was stripped as well and we have rebuild it all. And the result is very nice! 

 We have bought some amazing wooden boards with small slices of three trunks which gives an amazing atmosphere. We have placed it in the bedroom. The idea is to place our bed in the center of the wooden boards. As you can see we have chosen for an olive tree colour on the walls and a very natural ''wooden'' floor better known as laminate flooring. This type of laminate is from the TV Wonen collection.

With this blog I want to share a few tips when you are buying a floor for you home.

1. Do not overthink this decision, the colour of the floor is very important and is the foundation of your residence. Do not buy a floor before you know what kind of style you prefer. Do you want a industrial look or vintage maybe? Do you enjoy a very modern appearance? Think about it!

2. Did you find a colour which you really like, ask for a small piece to see how the colour is in your own home without all the strange lights of those shops. The colour might be very different when you place it on the floor in your own home. Just keep it for a few days and check multiple angles. Place it close to a window, in a dark corner and in the center of the area. 

3. The thickness of your laminate is important, because it will affect the durability, comfort and the lifespan of your laminate. Standard thicknesses for laminate flooring boards are: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

4. You have to choose a floor for under the laminate, insulation. There are several types which you can choose. A tip is to check if the laminate already contains a sort of insulation which is attached to the laminate. Another thing which you can do with the insulation is to decrease the sounds.

5. Measuring the surface and add a bit extra for the waste when you are cutting the laminate. You can use an online calculator to do so.

6. Lay your boards in the same direction as the longest straight wall. But if you have matching flooring in a next-door room, it's probably best to lay them in the same direction. In a square room you can lay the boards in the direction of incoming light.

That is what I have learned during this whole process. I hope this was helpful! 



dinsdag 30 december 2014

Home sweet home

After a week of adjusting to the Netherlands lifestyle again. I am ready to say that I am glad to be back.

I loved my time in Milano. And I learned a lot, also about myself. I made new friends, some of them for life. It was a great experience and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I learned more about the luxury market industry and the publishing houses in Italy. I went to the book release of David Nicholls, Us. And I read an amazing story about a child soldier in Sierra Leone what changed my thinking.

I visited the most romantic cities which Italy has to offer. Rome was the most wowing city. You can feel the Roman Empire. Venice was the most magical one.

It felt like I was in a movie. Have you seen the movie with Angelina Jolie and Jhonny Depp, The tourist? It felt just as magical. Venice will surprise you. It was high ranked on my bucket list. But now I can finally cross that one.

The cities Bologna, Verona, Genova, Florence and Cinque Terre were all pieces of one big fairy tail and breathed romance, culture and great architecture. I loved to be there. 

Italy is an amazing country, it has a lot of beauty and the greatest food I had every tasted. If you want to see all those beautiful cities, just fly out to Milano an go further by train. The train is not that expensive and you can visit the most amazing cities I have ever seen.

Thank you Milano, it was awesome!

(If you ever visit Milano, check out the rooftop of the Duomo!)

zaterdag 15 november 2014

Book release David Nicholls, us

I was lucky enough to be present at the book release of David Nicholls. He is a British author, screenwriter, and actor. You might know him because of his romantic story One Day. Which became a movie in 2011 starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. He is a charming writer and very nice to listen to.
Yesterday David released his newest story in Museo Nazionale della Scienza Milano. It was awesome to be there. He released his book Us. And in Italian Noi. It is a quit interesting story. I don't know if I am the right target group for his new book but the story didn't suit me right. It is about marriage and the relationship between father and son.

I made a quick summary about the book:

The novel opens with a family cliche, their son is about to leave for college. The wife is waking her husband is the middle of the night to tell him that she thinks their marriage has run its course and she wants to leave him.

From this point the story starts with explaining their lives. First it begins with how they met.

It is all written in Douglas’s point of view, the husband. He is a cynical and brilliant man, a biochemist. He is raised by two very responsible parents with all the wisdom in the world.
That makes Douglas a very practical men and very analytical too.
His wife in the novel is called Connie, she is a young artist, beautiful and a little insecure. She leads a wild and irresponsible life.

Douglas lacks imagination and empathy. He and his son argue a lot, and when not arguing they are often silent. Consequently their marriage if full of tension and unspoken resentment. Their lives are provincial and dull. So one night Connie found all the courage and announces her intention to leave him. Douglas is heartbroken. Connie asked him to go with her and Albie to a grand tour true Europe. One last family vacation for Albie. What than happens I will leave to your imagination. But the plot is very predictable.

I think that the book isn't published in the Netherlands. But it will be. You could be one of the first people within the Netherlands or other countries that knows about this book before its on the market. Love it!

Enjoy your Saturday!

donderdag 6 november 2014

Gucci Museum

The brand we all know. The brand with a rich heritage, 90 years of legacy. With its original workshop in Florence.

Yeah I am talking about Gucci, the brand that gives women what they desire, to sparkle on the red carpet, Italian design handbags and so forth

I was lucky enough to visit the 
Gucci Museum in Florence. It is there from 3 October until 8 February 2015. It was a beautiful museum, just as magical like the evening gowns on the red carpet. You can see the very beginning of Gucci and there first luggage bags.

I read that Guccio Gucci was inspired by London while he was working in the Savoy Hotel. He brought his ideas back to Italy and opened a leather goods company and small luggage store in his native Florence.

Fascinating right? How you can grow to a 
well known world wide luxury brand with just your ambition, your inspiration in the right time and at the right place and some money to invest off course.
Anyway I love the history behind big famous brands. It gives me inspiration and the feeling that everything is possible. Except buying a Gucci bag, I am still a student. So no Gucci bag at this time. But with a vision, a dream we can be entrepreneurs! It is a matter of giving people what they want, just before they recognize the need.

Enjoy your day!
Love, Romy


maandag 3 november 2014

living the Italian dream

A sunny Monday morning in Milano makes me think of the great adventures I had. Gosh I love it! I am already here for two months and time flies! 

I think I am living the Italian dream. The food is incredible and the cities are so beautiful. I love to travel and it is very easy, because the train goes everywhere.

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to take a short trip Genova.
The weather was perfect and I was so happy to be walking along the shore of Genova. It felt as an one-day-holiday. Genova is a historical port city in northern Italy. It has a long history as a rich and powerful trade centre.

The city is really surprising, beauty is often hidden inside the narrow streets. So be careful you can pass beauty easily without noticing it.

We took a hop off hop on bus to be sure we wouldn't miss anything. And it worked! It was an easy way of traveling among the city. The Piazza De Ferrari is so beautiful and very hidden. That's the place where you can shop till you drop and visit the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo. It is the beating heart of Genova and typical Italian, very artistic too.

I feel very lucky.
Enjoy your day! Love, Romy

maandag 27 oktober 2014

Depop app


I just discovered a new app! I don't know if you know it already, but for me it is pretty new.

The app is called Depop. It looks like instagram but than you can buy the items that you see on those amazing instagram pictures.

I am following the Blond Salad (a fashion blogger) and she has some amazing fashion items. So... she is offering them on Depop!! And that's how I found out about the app.

It is a fun way to sell your items all over the world. Ebay looks very boring if you compare it with this app.

I really like it! It is not only for fashion items. You can see or buy some amazing art pieces. 

Their are a lot of talented designers active on this app. It is nice to just scroll down all the different users and their art pieces.

Just like the one below. Search for Depop in your app store or android market and you will find it. 

Enjoy your evening! Love, Romy

maandag 13 oktober 2014

Verona baby

Saturday I went to Verona! The city of love and Shakespeare. The city is so romantic with all those lovely buildings and balconies. The small details and the awesome colours are the thing I love about the city. 

There is a lot to see in Verona. Al lot of high lights and amazing piazza's. And we all know the love story of Romeo & Juliet and the balcony is right there in the city center.

From Milano to Verona its only 1,5 hours by train. The station that you need is Verona Porta Nuova. From that station you have to walk like 20 minutes to get to the city center. 

When you arrive in the city center the first high light you will cross is the Arena. It is an amazing historical building and huge too!

So below you can find a picture of the famous balcony. Cute right? There is also a wall full with names of people who are in love. It is all about love! You can visit the house of Romeo too.

Down here I have some pictures of some Verona highlights.
I didn't put all the high lights on there.
Scroll down and enjoy.

 Piazza delle Erbe

Anastasia Church

Ponte Pietra

Market on Piazza delle Erbe

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

My trip to Bologna

Last weekend I traveled from Milano to Bologna by train in took me 2 hours and 45 minutes. So it is not that bad at all!

Bologna is the largest city (and the capital) of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy. It is a trendy city and very colourful too. 
The buildings are orange and old brown in Medieval and Gothic style.
It is a stunning city with a lot to see. The city is not that big so it's very easy to see it all.

I think it is the only city with so many churches. I have seen them all but wauw how many churches do you need in one city?

If you are as student, you can get some nice discounts at the local bars nearby the universities. Awesome! Just bring your studentcard with you.

There is a really nice food market called Mecato di Mezzo! 
It is a food market with small stands and they prepare outstanding local food. You can order the most amazing wines from the wine bars too!I like it so much! It is great to have some lunch there.
Love it!
Check out my pictures below:

Wine bar at Mecato di Mezzo.

Torre degli Asinelli,
the traditional symbol of Bologna
You can go up and enjoy the amazing view!

Cattedrale di San Pietro Bologna

Santa Maria della Vita

San Petronio at Piazza Maggiore 

Marco Minghetti,
 was an Italian economist and statesman.

Palazzo Sanuti Bevilacqua, in Medieval and Gothic style.
The entrance opens on to a charming courtyard with two overlapping open galleries.