woensdag 17 augustus 2016

Six reasons to visit Trondheim

Dear All,

Happy to write to you again! Today I like to tell you about the trip to Trondheim, Norway's original capital. It's a small but lively city with impressive historical buildings, like the Nidaros Cathedral. The mixture of the traditional fisherman houses and the historical buildings make the city attractive.

The city is not only very active but also known as a city of students and technology. A very nice taxi driver informed me of a cool city fact, which I love to share with you.. Did you know that game development offices of the world-famous games like Wordfeud and Race Day are situated in the middle of downtown Trondheim? I thought that was fun..

However, this trip was a business trip and involved the UEFA Super Cup 2016. It was amazing as the whole city was dominated by football and its supporters. Real Madrid had to face once again Sevilla in the third straight all-Spanish UEFA Super Cup. An amazing match were all true supporters have been waiting for started in the rain in the Lerkendal stadium. Despite the weather, the trills and excitement warmed up the fans and the match was exciting until the very last minutes. As both clubs didn't want to lose, Sevilla defence had to settle matters at the very last and Real Madrid won with 3-2 in extra time.

As promised here are the six reasons why you have to visit Trondheim, when you have the change..

1. Shopping is legendary, Trondheim has many shopping centres located in the city centre. In downtown Trondheim you will discover four large shopping centres located just metres apart. Trondheim Torg is a centrally located shopping center in the middle of Trondheim. Here you find 73 shops with fashion, shoes, beauty and wellness, house and home articles and electronics. You will also find several places to eat. Find more information by the following link.

2. The Nidaros Cathedral! It’s the most northernmost medieval cathedral in the world, the most important cathedral in the country.

3. To see the fishermen houses and to catch your own fish and to eat it a few minutes after you caught it.

4. To exhale some fresh air!

5. To hike in nature, enjoy the wild life and discover hidden treasures.

6. And to eat at amazing restaurants, if you want to visit Trondheim I can recommend some hot spots. The typical Norwegian dishes are hard to find. As Norwegians have gone on holiday to Italy, Spain and France to enjoy their fantastic, tasty traditions of other countries they started a lot of culinary restaurants. Two recommendations can be found below:

Nyfiken is a trattoria which is serving delicious Italian food along the waterside! Not only the food is amazing the interior is in ''New York style”, which makes you feel that you are a world traveler. 

San Sebasitan is a nice Tapas restaurant, which is very informal. The quality of food is nice and the interior will surprise you as this is not very Spanish. Here you can enjoy yourself with small bites along the waterside.

I hope you enjoyed it!


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