woensdag 10 februari 2016

A brand new blog because of a brand new life

Dear all,

A brand new blog because of a brand new life. My life changed a lot. I graduated, moved from our cosy houseboat to a grown-up house with a lovely garden to relax fully in the summer. So as I am not a student anymore I can inform you that my life has changed to a full time job at a travel and event organisation. I really enjoy it and it feels great to begin with a new chapter in my life.

I am not only a project manager at an organisation, I am also a very import home decor stylist, amazing right? My first job is to decorate my very own home together with my boyfriend off course as we live in harmony (LOL).

We have worked our ass off and also my father in law was amazing during the whole process. All the bedrooms were stripped off and we had to rebuild a wall to make two bedrooms of one. The bathrooms was stripped as well and we have rebuild it all. And the result is very nice! 

 We have bought some amazing wooden boards with small slices of three trunks which gives an amazing atmosphere. We have placed it in the bedroom. The idea is to place our bed in the center of the wooden boards. As you can see we have chosen for an olive tree colour on the walls and a very natural ''wooden'' floor better known as laminate flooring. This type of laminate is from the TV Wonen collection.

With this blog I want to share a few tips when you are buying a floor for you home.

1. Do not overthink this decision, the colour of the floor is very important and is the foundation of your residence. Do not buy a floor before you know what kind of style you prefer. Do you want a industrial look or vintage maybe? Do you enjoy a very modern appearance? Think about it!

2. Did you find a colour which you really like, ask for a small piece to see how the colour is in your own home without all the strange lights of those shops. The colour might be very different when you place it on the floor in your own home. Just keep it for a few days and check multiple angles. Place it close to a window, in a dark corner and in the center of the area. 

3. The thickness of your laminate is important, because it will affect the durability, comfort and the lifespan of your laminate. Standard thicknesses for laminate flooring boards are: 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

4. You have to choose a floor for under the laminate, insulation. There are several types which you can choose. A tip is to check if the laminate already contains a sort of insulation which is attached to the laminate. Another thing which you can do with the insulation is to decrease the sounds.

5. Measuring the surface and add a bit extra for the waste when you are cutting the laminate. You can use an online calculator to do so.

6. Lay your boards in the same direction as the longest straight wall. But if you have matching flooring in a next-door room, it's probably best to lay them in the same direction. In a square room you can lay the boards in the direction of incoming light.

That is what I have learned during this whole process. I hope this was helpful! 



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