maandag 27 oktober 2014

Depop app


I just discovered a new app! I don't know if you know it already, but for me it is pretty new.

The app is called Depop. It looks like instagram but than you can buy the items that you see on those amazing instagram pictures.

I am following the Blond Salad (a fashion blogger) and she has some amazing fashion items. So... she is offering them on Depop!! And that's how I found out about the app.

It is a fun way to sell your items all over the world. Ebay looks very boring if you compare it with this app.

I really like it! It is not only for fashion items. You can see or buy some amazing art pieces. 

Their are a lot of talented designers active on this app. It is nice to just scroll down all the different users and their art pieces.

Just like the one below. Search for Depop in your app store or android market and you will find it. 

Enjoy your evening! Love, Romy

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