donderdag 11 september 2014

OVS Italian fashion store

When I traveled to Milano I had only one suitcase of 20 kg.. Yeahh.. it is a disaster!

I have a few clothes and I don't know what to wear because I already wear it to much in my opinion. 

So I though it was time to shop and to discover something new! 

This is a fashionable country with a whole new shopping culture that I need to explore. I am really in to culture so I discover those things very fast. And my love for fashion helps a lot. So this is my very first shopping blog in Milano. I just discovered a nice fashion store, called OVS.

It looks very nice and expensive but it is not that expensive. The prices are fine! You can buy a bag from 15 euro till 30 euro or something. The fashion is very refreshing! And the prices of the clothing vary from 9 euros till 30 or 40 euros. The coats are more expensive off course.

So I found this shop nearby the Duomo in via Dante. It is a cool Italian fashion brand and they make the Italian excellence of fashion accessible for every one! 

They work together with exclusive designers and talents of the most known fashion schools in the world. I checked out the website. And I have to tell you.. I don't like the website. The magical offline experience is not so magical online.
So don't let it stop you to check out the store when you are visiting Milano! I know for shore that I will buy some items for the winter that is coming up! Love, Romy

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