zaterdag 27 september 2014

My trip to Cinque Terre

If you are traveling to Italy and you have the time to see some nice places, than you have to visit Cinque Terre! It consists of five villages along the Italian coast near La Spezia in Liguria.

I went there a few weeks ago and I liked it very much! I took the train from Milano and it was a 4 hour journey. But still it was worth it!

The coastline is beautiful and the villages on the rocky mountains are amazing!

The largest village is Monterosso and it is situated on a sandy beach. Vernazza is considered the most picturesque of the five villages. 
Manarola is the oldest city and the other cities are Corniglia and Riomaggiore. You can walk along cost to see the five cities and the view will be amazing. I went with a study group, so we were not able to walk the whole tour.  

Although it was a great mix of seeing some amazing cities and relaxing on the beach with a view of some very big mountains. And as a Dutch girl you don't see mountains that often. So I enjoyed it very much! Maybe I will go back to see it all.

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