woensdag 10 september 2014

My first week in Milano & Roberto Cavalli!

Yes! I moved to Milano to study for 4 months at Cattolica University. I am going to follow some management and marketing courses. The course that I really look forward to is Publishing. I hope to learn more about journalism and that I can use right here on stylebyromy!

It was a strange week. I moved to Milano! It is so unreal!

I finally took the time to look back at the beginning of this amazing adventure. There are a lot of ups and downs. Mostly ups!

So my first day in Milano started crazy! I arrived on Malpensa airport. I had to take the bus to the Central station of Milano. The Central station is not so safe. I arrived with a BIG suitcase and a hand luggage trolley. Milano is famous of a lot of things like fashion but also because of the pick pockets. And I was there target! Great...

So they try to robb me. There were a few ladies who looked like gypsys or something. And when I tried to buy a metro ticket they took the money out of my wallet. Is was 100 euro. I saw it and I snapped! I started jelling and I grabbed the arm of the lady. Than I saw my money and I grabbed it back. Than I left the metro and I took a cap. What I had to do in the first place.
So if you arrive to central station, please buy your travel card in advance.

So that was my down moment.

Now I will tel you about the ups!
ROBERTO CAVALLI! I went to his club near Park Sempione! And it was awesome!! It is in the open air! So it feels very romantic and it is great in the summer time! I drunk some amazing cocktails and enjoyed a nice aperitivo.

An aperitivo is something they do a lot in Milano. You buy a drink for like 6 till 10 euro's and there is an unlimited buffet with some amazing food. It is really nice!
From 20:00 till 22:00 you can relax and lounge a bit. After 22:00 the music will be more like clubbing and the party is getting started!
The dresscode is very classy! So when you want to visit the club don't forget your heals! Next to the club you find another club! Its called old fashion! It is awesome aswell! Try both! you will love it!


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