vrijdag 26 september 2014

Corso Como, Milano

I am in love with Milano. It is an exciting city with some beautiful places to discover. Today I had my first publishing lesson and it was awesome. They will teach us more about publishing and journalism. But the most important thing is that it inspires me. 

After class I went out to explore the city and I found an amazing street that is called Corso Como. There are a lot of designer shops. And you have to visit Corso Como 10. It is a book shop, a fashion store, a lounge area and a restaurant in the city center of Milano and it is surrounded by plants. How awesome is that?!! 
I think it is the most trendy place I have seen here so far.

The fashion store is very surprising with a lot of different labels and perfumes. The book store is on the first floor with a lot of exclusive fashion magazines and fashion books. 

There is also an exposition of Bettina. She is recognized as a great muse to designers of the 40's and 50's. She is the most photographed French woman according to Paris Match. Her last modeling assignment was in 1967 for Coco Chanel. She was a model and a press agent for labels such as Valentino. She was a real power woman!
You can visit the gallery until November the 2nd 2014.

The place is an inspiration! After seeing the amazing fashion labels and the gallery. You have to visit the bookstore! There are a lot of fashion books and magazines. Some of them are really arty and different than I normally read. They are beautiful and a true inspiration. The prices are okay and not that expensive.

I bought the anniversary edition of Vogue Italy. It's thick like a phonebook or the yellowpages and historical as it can be. There is somewhere in Italy a exhibition of the Vogue anniversary. But you can see it with an invitation of Vogue only... ohwell I have the book anyway.

Enjoy your day! Love, Romy

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