donderdag 21 augustus 2014

Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara with argan oil

Rimmel has a new mascara! And not just any mascara, it is with argan oil.
Argan oil is from Morocco and it is not only an ingredient for personal care products but argan oil is also used to dip bread in at breakfast or to drizzle on couscous or pasta.

The reputation of argan oil is world wide. It is caring and it will make you hair shine and soft. But now it is added in the mascara and I couldn't wait to test it! 
Argan oil contains a large amount of vitamin E compared with olive oil even twice as much, which promises a good effect on your lashes.

So I tested the 
Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara!

And it is in a beautifully crafted, bronze sleeve with a metallic glow. It looks very luxurioux!

I really like the brush of the mascara it separates the lashes and it will give the lashes more length.

The caring formula attaches directly to your lashes and dries quickly. I don't like to wait until the mascara is dry, I just want it to dry immediately! And this one does!
To create more volume you need to apply a few layers on your lashes. And because of the quick dry effect that is possible. It is a perfect mascara for early mornings.

I am sold to this mascara! all though I cannot smell a hint of argan oil or feel it on my lashes. So I am not sure if it is really caring. But I like the effect it has on my lashes. They are very long and full.

Rimmel mascara Wonder'full is available at most drugstores from this month. The price is € 13.49 for 11 ml.

Enjoy your day!


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