donderdag 3 juli 2014

Hema, It's my beautiful skin day

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Today I like to review the Hema skin care line!

It's my beautiful skin day! These three items are very easy to use, smell fresh and feel really soft on my skin.
I will review the day and night cream and the hydrating face mask!

But first, the day cream! It is suitable for all skin types. It is a moisturizing and hydrating cream who will soften your skin.
And the component AQUAXYL what is in the cream helps control the skin hydrous flow throughout all skin layers. And it works aft
er one month of using the product I noticed the difference, my skin looks really fresh and it makes my skin soft and smooth. 

You can use the cream every morning on a clean skin. The day cream cost €1,95 and the packaging is very handy. I like the fact that it's in a tube so it stays nice and clean.The only thing what is not in here is a SPF factor. Than you have to buy the day cream from the same range in a little jar.

So next is the night cream. The night cream is basically the same but this time you will use it before you go the bed. So that you will look after your skin during the night. 

So why should you use night cream? Night creams are focused on moisture and recovery during the night. Night creams contain the most powerful, slow-absorbing moisturizers that are designed to cares and hydrate your skin for several hours; since there is no concern about sun exposure, or other factors what can damage your skin. The night creams also contain the highest concentrations of anti-aging. And every woman likes that right?
After using this product my skin is very smooth! I am very happy and it only costs €1,95,- for less than 5 euros I am all set.

During the summer time I like to hydrate my skin even more. The face mask of Hema helps me to do that. Just apply a thick layer of the face mask on a clean skin and leave it on for like 3 minutes. You can use it just once or twice a week and voila a very healthy skin as result. The substance is transparent to white an smells very fresh. It costs €2,50.

So it's up to you now!


My source on night creams:

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