maandag 9 juni 2014

drink some tea darling, you might need it

It all started with a nice cup of tea and a really good idea. I am talking about my own blog, StyleByRomy.
Unfortunately I did not wrote for a long time. My internship is almost finish and I feel the power of writing again. I hope you did not forget me. I certainly did not forgot you.

So here I am with a brand new blog and some fun in the making.
This time I will write about an awesome tea, two teas actually. Its from DR Stuart's, extraordinarily good teas and naturally caffeine free! I tasted the two teas and I can tell you this. I am really surprised, the teas are very refreshing. I have tried the Ginkgo, lemongrass and spearmint tea to help focus the mind. And it made me sharp. So sharp that I started writing this blog. The taste is very strong and so fresh because of the spearmint. Mmm this is a keeper!

The second tea the is Licorice Fennel & Orange tea. This one is a bit heavy and very sweet. Its in not my favorite, the mint tea definitely wins this round.

This is the story story of Dr Stuart's:  "As a leading ethnobotanist he has been fortunate to has travelled the world and spent more than 30 years studying and using incredible plants that are really useful to people.
All his tea has the highest essential oil content possible in a packaged tea and the most aromatic, flavourful and beneficial tea possible. 

I don't know if the caffeine free part is true. I always thought that tea can't be decaffeinated. Because it's not possible to separate the caffeine from the tea. But it is nice to try something different right?

Enjoy your evening!


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