dinsdag 17 juni 2014

dr. organic moroccan argan oil shampoo

The Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo is a new product for me! It works like boss and it smells delicious!

A Moroccan oil treatment for some shiny curls or lovely straight hair. Friends of mine love this product. I always like to try out new products so I obviously t
ry this one. It's nice to give my curls some extra power. The summer is coming up and all that sun can dry out and damage your hair!

The Shampoo is from Dr. Organic and like the name already explains the ingredients are organic. No parabens and no artificial colours. It's care free!

It makes your hair very shiny and soft. The Moroccan Argan Oil will repair your hair and makes it smooth again. It is moisturizing and a bioactive haircare. Prefect must have for the summer! You can buy the shampoo at the Tuinen for like €9,99,- 

You can also buy the product online! Just visit the site of Dr. Organic. I think they have new fan! The products are not animal tested, there are no chemicals involved and they are campaigning against animal cruelty. It's perfect!

Enjoy your day!

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