vrijdag 28 maart 2014

Beautynight at Dik Peeters

This was so much fun! And it can inspire your Friday night party.
I was a model for the make-up workshop at Dik Peeters.

A lot of talented woman were very busy to make their models beautiful. And I can tell you this. It worked.

The atmosphere was
really relaxing and fun. The salon is very beautiful with red leather seats. Wooden closets and the most inspiring relaxing room I have ever seen.  For me it was just a relaxing evening and I was enjoying the nice caring treatment they gave me. I have never applied any fake lashes. Really.. It is a shock for you? I though it would be very scary. Or that it will hurt my eyes or something. I was a big cry baby. There was nothing to ‘’cry’’ about.

The result was amazingly nice. Are you curious?

Check it out:

I picked up a few tips:
First clean your whole face.
Than you put on your foundation. Use an appropriate sponge for it.
Make it underneath your eyes a bit lighter for a fresh and energetic face. You can do that with a powder or a lighter foundation.

Than it's time to do your eyeliner and than your eye shadow. Is the eye shadow to dark or to heavy just fade it with your brush. You can do that also with your kohl eyeliner. Just fade it away!

Than the eyelashes, the tip is start with fitting! Just try it out before you use the glue. 


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