zondag 2 februari 2014

Vintage adventures!

Oelala vintage items are awesome!!

I love the stories behind all the nice vintage pieces. Last Saturday I went to the IJhallen in Amsterdam North.
It was huge! There were two halls where the market took place. There was also a outdoor market. But is was very cold. Too cold if you ask me. But we survived and I found some awesome pieces. I bought a nice jacket from scotch and soda for only 8 euro. And I found a really nice vintage ring. =)

Those two items gives me a really crunchy army twist. If you want to shop some vintage items and you like to stay home. Than I have two sites for you.
Rockonvintage and the closet from.
Those two sites are awesome and vintage. 

Anyway what I have noticed on the market was that a lot of girls are selling their own cloths and shoes. So.. I think that is very smart of them and that has put me thinking to sell my own cloths on that market.

I have a lot of nice pieces that I don't use anymore. And for a few euro's it can be yours. How does that sound? Great right?

Anyway.. The IJhallen are awesome!
You can reach it very easily! Just take the ferry by Central Station to the NDSM-Werf and voila. Below you see some pictures of the ring ;)

Enjoy your day!

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