dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Something new from Rituals

New items yeahhh! I love to try new things. So today I like to write about the The Sakura Spring organic rise milk and cherry blossom foaming shower oil from Rituals. Wauw that is a very long name. So this has to be promising.

The foaming shower oil is new from Rituals. Hmm that sounds good right! The experience I have with shower oil is most of time very nice. After showering your skin feels soft. 
And I can tell you one thing about this one, it smells delicious. Come on, it is Rituals so everything they invent smells nice haha.

Anyway, it is a foaming oil and just like I said. It was promising and my skin is so soft, I love it! Rituals is doing it again! Thanks for this amazing foaming showering oil. It is not really foamy but it feels nice. The white foam zensation is still my favorite. 

When I wrote this blog it was a very stormy day. Weather like that makes me always want to leave my house. Normally people like to stay inside with some tea. But not me.. Do you know why? The houseboat is rocking and bumping to the pier. It makes me nauseous. But it has his charm. Your are one with nature. AWESOME! 

So the white shower foam is one of my favorites. You can buy it and I think you knew that one already. But the foaming oil is available from April! No worries when you spend more than 35 euro at the Rituals, you get those lovely two items for free.

So do you need some birthday presents any time soon? Hihi


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