woensdag 19 februari 2014

My very own Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

Sometimes you buy shoes that you only wear once and than you box them in.
And there are moments that
 you buy shoes for a very special occasion. But there are times that you buy a pair of shoes because you just know that you will have some great adventures with it.

So I bought my very own Jeffrey Cambell boots. It is a piece of art and I can wait to wear them.

Speaking about art and shoes in Rotterdam at the Art gallery ''Kunsthal'' is 
S.H.O.E.S' - Sexy Heels or Easy Sandals-
You can admire the awesome designs from 1900 until now.
There will be more than five hundred shoes from awesome designers like; AndrĂ© Perugia and Salvatore Ferragamo, international 'star designers' such as Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin, and some fresh and young talent. This is a must-see for anyone with a passion for fashion and design. Don't worry you have some time! You can visit S.H.O.E.S until 11 May 2014. And it will cost you a little 7,50 euro. For more info visit S.H.O.E.S.

But first, check out my boots =)
Awesome and arty right? 

Enjoy your day!


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