maandag 24 februari 2014

Moderne Hippie Markt

The Modern Hippie Markt was awesome! It was very busy! More busy than the last time I went. But is was super fun! There were some vintage shops, some beautiful jewelry, healthy food and pie!! Gosh I love pie! It was homemade and so beautiful you can find a picture below. =)

Anyway, I bought this very nice bracelet that you see it on the picture next to me. I like the leather look and feel. It is Bohemian style! 

I also bought a nice t-shirt with a dream catcher on it. I like the metaphor when I wear it that all my dreams will come true. So I like to wear it during yoga! AWESOME! The t-shirt is from TreasureHunt it is a really cut online store. Take a look if you like! 

I love the vibe on the markt. It is so relaxing and fun! You can cut your hear or you can get a massage. I am not kidding! It was possible. There was also a nice lady who is reading cards for you. Like it will tell you more about the way things could be in the future orso. There was a whole line of people who like to know more about their future. I think it something that you don't need to know. Right? or do you think differently? We have to survive this Monday first! Soo check out my awesome pictures!

Enjoy your Monday!

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