zondag 9 februari 2014

Lazy Sunday awesomeness

A Hema Beauty time line. How awesome is that! 
We are in a rush the whole world is rushing to make the most of it. We are living in the here and now. And we are learning from the past. We are working girls. But is it Sunday!! One of the first Sundays that I don't have to work. This day will be a family day =). My Grandpa turned 82 today. Hurray!!

So how nice is it to stand still for a little moment and to think about the past on your lazy Sunday.
Some nice memories are there and ready to dig up.
There are some cool products that you used in your past. But are you using them now? Not really right? 

Take a moment and stand still by the Hema history. It is very nice to show it to your Granny or your mother. They will recognize
 a lot!

I was on the press day at the Hema. And This is what amazed me.
Andd you know me.. I love to share it with you. Just scroll and see some more awesomeness! At the bottom you will find some new items! I will test some new items of the Hema summer collection.
Stay tuned! And enjoy your Sunday.


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