maandag 10 februari 2014

A nice place for some coloured friends

I like tell you something about a very small musthave that every girl wants and needs. They are very little and you can find them in some cute colours. Most of the time you buy them with special occasions or when you have to show your feet. Summerrr where are you? 

Sometimes you have to buy something like when you are shopping or so and than you just buy this. 

Yeahhh I am talking about nailpolish!!! And I have a perfect stash for it.

My nailpolish stash is very decorative. I am totally in love with it. Check it out.

There is enough space for all my cute coloured friends. I like to try out different brands. My favorites on this point are Sephora, Hema and Kiko. All the pink Kiko ones were a present of a dear friend off mine. Very sweet =)

Anyway what do you think? It is nice right? You can make this yourself if you like. I have no idea how, because I bought it at Karwei a do it yourself store
. Hihi ironic right?

I live in a very small cute houseboat so I attached it to my closet. Very handy to get the best out of my living space.

Enjoy your Monday!


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