zondag 5 januari 2014

My flexi Resolution.

A whole new year is ahead of us. You might have made some New Year's resolutions. I did not make that many. But I have a big one. This year I will me more flexible. Yes that is right ladies. I will start with yoga!

I need something to blow off some steam. Andd when I get pretty busy I stop immediately with blogging. And that is not a good thing.. NO. So my resolution for this new fresh year is to relax more and find my inner piece. I will keep on blogging.

I have one small other resolution. I am addicted to fries. REALLY? Yeahh.. I have to reduce my fries eating habit. Here we go!

So know it is your turn. Do you have some New Year's resolutions?
I have a few tips to make your resolution last!

Resolutions 2014First, make an inspiration board. It is nice if you have a goal in your mind and you want to have visual. Like a bucket list. You can make an inspiration board of all the things you like to do. And when you did it. You can place your own picture on your inspiration board. Nice right?

Second, You can keep a journal or a blog. =)
So you can see your progress. It can help and you can write down all the new goals or milestones.

I wish you all the best!


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