maandag 13 januari 2014

Magical evening!

This year started off with a bit too little inspiration for my blog. I have some great activities planned. So I hope it will come back fast! I am glad I start with yoga and I will have my first lesson this Saturday. I really can't wait!!

So my activity of last week that I really wanted to tell you about was the Nikkie Plessen Fashion Show at Carré!
I went to her show and I did not had a ticket! =P Anyway it was awesome to be there. The theater is beautiful! The vibe was great! Nikkie released her handbag collection and the winter collection. 

So here I have some photos of the show. Unfortunately I have not that much material. 


There was a whole show about Hans Klok, you know a Dutch magician. It was very surprising what he did. And very difficult I think. But it was a bit to much magical and too little fashion. I know her quote is: ''It is all about the magic.'' And her collection is nice and wearable. Some items are real eye catchers. But other just don't.
So what is the link with her collection and all the magic that was flowing around? The colours of the clothing where not magical. Is she inspired by magic? I have no clue. Or did she want to gave us just a nice and entertaining night out? Hmmm

Enjoy your evening!


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