zondag 1 december 2013

Illuminating cream

Welcome December with the holidays only weeks away. Yes! It is time to prepare yourself for all the holiday happiness!
I can't wait for the food and the cosiness! Yeahh I love food. 

First we celebrate Sinterklaas and the families of my boyfriend and mine are coming together for a nice Sinterklaas game. Very fun! But an evening like that involves a lot of cooking. Lucky me I like cooking.

In less than a month it is time for Christmas and New Years Eve! I can't wait and I already have a dress to impress! 
But I have something else what is really nice! Yes its is called illuminating and it is a product of the Hema to illuminate some area's on you face. I like it! First I had to figure out what it exactly was.

Illuminating didn't say me that much. It looks like a lip gloss but it is a bit to big to be a lip gloss. When I opened it I saw that it has a small pump dispenser. Because of that I figured out that I can use it on my face. I will tell you what it is. It is to highlight your eyes or your cheekbones. You can also use it to highlight your 
blush. It is a bit creamy and it smelss very nice. Illuminating is nice to give your make-up an extra touch with the holidays. I like the colour, it looks very fancy and exclusive! It has a warm glow and it costs €4,50.

You do not see it that clear on my face. I think that the magic begins when you are at a party with several lights. My skin is very light and my hand is a lot more browner than my face. That is why you can see in on my hand and slightly on my face. So Lets go to a tanning bed hahaha.

I hope December will be illuminating.


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