maandag 2 december 2013

Forever 21!

The forever 21 is awesome!
I went to the one in Berlin. They have 4 floors of amazing fashion. The prices are alright. Not that expensive and not as low-priced as Primark.

When I think of the name Forever 21. I imaging a few people brainstorming about the name of a fashion store/label. They are thinking of the time that they were 21. For the people who are 21 or older. There is not a better time in your life right than the time you were 21 right? Haha think of your 21 birthday. Mine was awesome! And how was yours? I think those people of the fashion brand really want to stay 21 forever. Don't you think?

Anyway that was my fantasy speaking. It is nice to inform you that they have free shipping on all orders above 21 euro! Love it! 

When I was in Berlin I bought two items. The fitting of the clothing of forever 21 is a bit strange in my opinion.
So that is why I bought only two items.
The necklace is €8,60 and the sweater costs 21 euro.
I love the hard pink on the sweater!


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