woensdag 11 december 2013

Dear diary

..Long time no see.. I am very sorry that you did not hear from me like for a whole week. I know, I know it is not an excuse but I have been really busy. 

I had a pre-Christmas diner and a Sinterklaas party. There are a lot of deadlines coming up and my inspiration was not where it use to be. I have lost my cat. Unfortunately he had cancer. =(

But I have very happy news to tell you! I will do my internship at the Hema Beauty department!!!

That is awesome!!!! 

And there is more news coming up! I planned a city trip to an amazing city for like a 3 day long weekend! I cannot tell you where I am going because it is a surprise for my boyfriend!
But I can tell you this, the hotel is amazing very luxury.
The pictures will be extraordinary. Hmmmm I can not wait.
I really need a short vacation.

Below you can find my little dairy of the week.

I went to Utrecht for an amazing party.
I bought some nice candles for in my home. We have a little kitten and he brakes down every home accessory so I bought some kitten-proof candles. Hihi do you like them? They are from the Action really low priced! Love it!

I work a lot as usually. So the picture of the coffee machine is from the espresso bar where I worked that day. 
Than you see my new red sweater. It was in the sale! I also went to after 5 years. It is a television program of Jeroen Pauw. He talks with people at a certain time and after 5 years they come back together to talk about the changes in their lives. And this time it was about the Economy. A blog is coming up!

Enjoy your day lovely people!


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