zondag 15 december 2013

After five years

A while ago I went to after 5 years. It is a television program of Jeroen Pauw. He talks with people at an certain time and after 5 years they come back together to talk about the changes in their lives. And this time it was about the Economy.

There were three economics who predicted 5 years ago the future economic and this was the time to look at their predictions. It was really interesting and they will send it out on 2 January.

What amazed me, was the fact that the economics talked about our country as a really rich and wealthy country. The were talking about the economic crisis on a very strange way. They said what kind of crisis do we notice? That 3% of the population can not go on a vacation? This doesn't make any sense.
I think that is not fair to talk like that. There is a crisis. The people who go to the food banks are rising! The food banks can not handle the big poorness.. I think we are not doing that well like the two economists are telling us. The other economist Middelkoop is more realistic. He wrote some nice books. 

Anyway in the Netherlands are people of the food banks standing at the supermarkets to collect some food items. Feel free to give whatever you like!




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