maandag 25 november 2013

Today I feel

Dear you,

Today it is Monday. One of the days that some people hate and some people (like me) are okay with. This Monday is an important day for me. This day will be significant for the new year that is coming up. So let's start with something nice that helps you to feel the way you want to feel. Do you have a idea?
It is about Hema and some exciting 

This is not the first time that I write about Hema. They just give me something to write about. Most of the time it is about the fashion. They are really surprising when it comes to fashion.
But know they have something new that is related to beauty. We all know the great beauty stores in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam and in Haarlem. And this time I found an eau de toilette!

The line is called Today I feel. And it contains five fragrances for every moment of the day. The perfume gives an answer on the question: How do you feel today? Maybe Dreamy, Marvelous, Strong, Passionate or Energetic? Anyway, there is a scent that suits your mood. How cool is that! I've tested one of them, The Today I feel dreamy. It appealed to me because I am a bit dreamy. I think a lot of a new blog that I want to write or thinking about some new adventure. Anyway the scent smells great. It is really fresh and I smell a bit of flowers and far a way I smell a hint of lavender. Dreamy is heavy enough to 
remain for hours. 

The HEMA Today I Feel fragrances are highly recommended by me and just € 15. The quality is good and I like they way it looks like. The packaging is nice. Not to overdone just very sportive and feminine

Thank you HEMA!

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