woensdag 27 november 2013

Street art to the max!

Berlin is one of the most exiting cities of Europe. With an awesome nightlife.
The alternative side of the city which is the underground scene contains a lot of street art or art in general.
The most famous street artist all over the world love Berlin of the diversity and the opportunity to make the greatest graffiti pieces.

Berlin is one of the cheapest city in Europe. You can live there with a amount of money like 500 euro per month. Because of that and other crisis in the world, arises street art like crazy! In Berlin is the history very present. This is an inspiration for a lot of artist. Did you know that people who live in Berlin see themselves different than the other Germans. They don't call themselves Germans but they are Berliners. The pictures that you see below are taken at a creepy courtyard with spectacular urban art. It is called RAW.

To stay in the art style we went to the East Side Gallery. It is a 1.3 km long memorial of freedom near the center of Berlin. It is beautifull and very colourful. 
Anyway 160 artist painted on the wall. This number is changing all the time. The newest painting on there is the one below. Impressive right? And a bit sad.
We did the art tour with a guide. He is from the underground scene and he knows everything about it. After the tour I will always look at street art on a different way. It expresses the developments in the world. And most of the time there is a story behind it. Enjoy your day!

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