vrijdag 1 november 2013

Some nicies!

The winter is coming! We are already living in the winter time, but now Halloween past by.

This is the perfect time to be prepare yourself for the winter and to shop!
I bought some nice gloves, to keep me warm.

I have no idea what this winter will bring us. But our weather forecast is predicting a very cold and strong winter. So I am prepared!

The gloves are really soft and the print is what I adore about it. 
It is so funny an stylish. I have a black winter coat and the leopard print will give the coat a nice playful touch. I can't wait until I can wear them. The gloves are from H&M and around the 8 euro.

The nail polish is a nice soft green colour. When I wear some hard winter colours the nail polish will be perfect and create a nice contrast. The nail polish is from the Hema and it is long lasting for only €2,50! Love it!

Have you seen my new blazer and my aubergine jacket?

Check it out:
Aubergine Jacket

Enjoy your day, it is almost weekend! Hang in there!

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