dinsdag 19 november 2013

Flormar lipstick deep red

A brand new make-up store landed in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. It is called Flormar and is originally established in Milan. Now a days they make the make-up in Turkey.

The lipstick is a ''long wearing lipstick''. The colour is deep red and it covers my lips completely with a creamy and soft structure.
The packing of the lipstick looks very elegant and professional.

For me is the colour a bit to heavy.
It is really red. Maybe I can wear it to a costume party. But not in my daily life.

When I tested the lipstick, I noticed that the lipstick doesn't stay that long. After you drink something or when you eat a sandwich or so. You have to touch it up again. 
The lipstick costs € 6,95.

It is nice to try it out.

Enjoy your day!

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