zaterdag 30 november 2013

A new bag is in the house!

My Rock On Vintage bag has finally arrived!
For me is it a brand new bag. But it isn't. Someone else used it for years and the leather is coming alive! That is what I like the most about it. You never have to throw away a leather bag.

I love those vintage items. It inspires me. And I always think that there is a story behind it. That somebody had experienced some beautiful adventures with this bag. And now it is my turn! Let the fun begin! 

Just to let you know. It is not the most convenient bag ever. The closing is a bit hard in usage. But there are two other closings right next to it. 

When you are in hurry it is not the best choice. But still, I like it!
The bag is made of very strong leather. Inside there is a centerpiece that divide the bag in two pieces. Very handy and I think that it is something from the past. They often made it in handbags too but know I don't see it in new handbags. Only with briefcases of course.

Enjoy your Saturday! Do you have plans?

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