woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Whatever Sis & give away

I am a fan of Whatever Sis!

Whatever Sis is a new and fresh jewellery brand! It's so colourful and different from others. A true fashion addict, Anique is the power woman behind the brand. She makes her own jewellery and has an eye for new trends. She has always some new ideas or creativity.

She started to make her own jewellery when she was younger. She often saw some expensive items. And she thought, that is something I can do myself. And she was right

She is making awesome jewellery and her sister is her biggest fan!  That's where her name comes from. Click here to enter her website and have a look at the amazing jewellery.

Whatever Sis and I worked together to create a really awesome bracelet. The bracelet is a limited edition of Whatever Sis and represents StyleByRomy. The result is something special. Check it out: 

Beautiful right? 
Now I have a surprise for you. You can win it!!! It's really easy, like us both on Facebook and share our give away! Is it the first time you visit my blog? You can follow me by clicking right there --->



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