dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Room for thought

I have a really nice app for you and your telephone.

It's great and on the market for some time now. But I noticed that not everyone knows about this great app.
And it's worth to mention because it's a great benefit for you.

I love it, it's an app to make your own photo journal. Every day you get an alert to make a photo. The alert is unannounced, and you have three seconds to make the picture! It's hilarious!

I like it, just stay still for 10 seconds in your life, look at the ordinary 
and than take your picture.

To make the picture even nicer you can use a filter. Just like Instagram. You can share your photo with others or not. What you prefer.

The app is called Room for thought. You can find it in your android play store or on IOS.

Enjoy your first day in October!


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