vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

Cat lovers!

Hello there!

I have a problem.. A big one, to be more precise.

In April I have moved to Zaandam. And I had to leave my cat behind. Called Dikkie, his name is Dutch and means Fatty. When I say it like this, it is not a nice name after all. But I was very little when he came into my life.

But now, he is not doing well. He has cancer, and a big swelling on his neck. It's so sad.. He is secretly my best friend. (Don't tell my boyfriend. He would be jealous.)
I got him when my parents divorced.
And I am not ready to say goodbye to him.

So.. I visit Dikkie often he is still standing strong. But I miss a cat in my life.

Dikkie will always be my number one cat. I hate the idea of missing him.. But, I really want a cute kitten in my new home.
I miss the fact that someone is there when you are all alone.

And I miss the petting and the fun with a cat.
Yes, I want cat..

But, my boyfriend won't let me! He is afraid of the hairs and stuff. The smell of the litter box doesn't make it very easy to convince him, that a cat is one of the best things to have in life. Right?

So I already have a name for the my new cat. Mellow. Sweet right?
And sometimes I call his or her name true our living room. Meeeelloooow. And then I say: Ohw.. that's true I don't have a cat. Sad right..

It doesn't work. From April till now, I still don't have a cat.

What to do?

He was a bit naughty, but still cute <3

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