dinsdag 15 oktober 2013

H&M Bag

The weather is awful! It's raining all the time. 
And to make the day a bit better I am doing the two things I love the most, blogging and chilling with my little kitten.
Who is very noisy and he is running all over the place. 

In the evening I have to go the school. Oh well, I will use my new winter coat and defying this weather. Are you curious? I will post it on a blog soon!

But now, this item!
I found a nice black bag! It's from H&M and I absolutely adore it. I spotted on a friend of mine. And I had to show it to you. I think it's really classy and nice to use it for school or work.

The bag is in three colours: black, dark green and in snake print. It's not that expensive € 39,95. Nice right?

Enjoy your day!


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