vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Good food!

To eat healthy and to stay healthy is not so easy..
I have a busy life, and to take the time to eat good food is hard. 

It takes time to prepare some good food and it's very easy to go for the easy way, and that is junk food or some pasta..
That is not always the best option and it results in a cold sore on my lip.
Better known as a Koortslip.. Hmmm I have to change, FAST!

This blog is about healthy food and some great stores to help us out.

Marqt is where it all comes together. It's about real food. The type of food that stays close to nature. The store respects nature, people and animals. That is really important right? Don't get me wrong.. I am not a organic lover but it's good to eat some organic veggies once in a while. You can find the store in the Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam.

The next store that can help us out is Delicious Food. They are specialized in Raw Food and they are organic. You can buy some really nice home made soup. Or some dried fruits, seeds, tea and pasta. But that´s not all! They have delicious sweets like; pie, muffins and amazing chocolate treats. Love it! You can find Delicious Food at the Westerstraat near by the Noordermarkt, Amsterdam.

Yes this store is one of my favorites! I found some awesome tea! It is a really nice present to surprise someone!

I have a top 5 of my favorite veggies! They are very healthy.

My top 5 of good veggies:

1. Red beetroot, contains powerful nutrients that helps your body to protect it against heart disease and various types of cancer.

2. Peas, The B vitamins provide more energy. Nice right?

3. Carrots, are important your bones and a healthy skin. It also increases the overall resistance.

4. Tomatoes are against wrinkles and skin aging. Bye bye lotions. Just kidding, use both!

5. Zucchini, courgette it is a summer pumpkin. They are low in calories and very healthy, also for pregnant women and their babies. I do not even think about that. But it's nice to know.

I hope you liked my blog and that you can use some of it.
Enjoy your day!



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