zondag 8 september 2013

Vogue Fashion Night out was a blast!

It was great!
We had had so much fun!
The weather was really nice! The vibe was awesome and the PC. Hoofstraat was packed!

Loved it!

I am sorry that you had to wait for this post. It was a busy week with a lot of classes and work.. But now I'm ready to show you what an amazing night it was.

I still smile when I look back at that night =)

My first Chanel nail polish! AWESOME! It's a limited vogue fashion night out edition! And I love it! There were two colours, black and blue. I have chosen the black one (cosmic) with a nice sparkle! 
The store was amazing, and welcomed us with a nice drink. There was champagne and a nice cocktail! I was curious about the cocktail and it was delicious and fresh!

Here you can find a photo diary about that evening!

We went to Vanila and we made some cool pictures in a photo booth. We dressed up in clothes from Gant and we made a really cute picture! We bought the Vogue Night out T-shirt!
We visited the Conservatorium Hotel and it was awesome!
We drunk a lot of champagne! From V
euve Clicquot, my absolute favorite till Mo√ęt Chandon, apple Martinis, prosecco and wine.

We had a nice hair clinic, to get the frizz out of you hair. And it worked, a bit! My hair become a bit bigger but also a bit greasy.. So.. I couldn't wait to wash my hair.
The night was memorable =) 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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