dinsdag 3 september 2013

The cutest store ever!

Juffrouw Splinter, is so cute!
I passed by, but I had to go in the store to check it out!

They sell almost everything. It's so cool! You can find some new items and some vintage items. 

When you pass by it looks like a really small store in  the center of Amsterdam. 
But when you go inside it's not so small at all. There is another floor with some cool furniture! It's not antique but it's nice =)

I made some photo's! Check it out:

It's so girly! It's a mix of Brocante and Curiosa. You can find the store on the Prinsengracht. It's perfect when you need some special gifts.
Ms. Splinter collects the items herself. She is searching in her home country and abroad to the most special treasures. Some of those, like the furniture needs to be fixed before she can sell them in her lovely store.

Some vintage pieces!

And some colorful new items
Some necessary items

 Enjoy you day!

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