woensdag 18 september 2013

New boots!

Fall is in the air! Rain is falling out the air.. The cold is coming in..
And my teacup is filled with hot earl grey tea. Yes we can not deny it anymore. The fall is here and the winter is coming!

We might still thinking about the summer. Some of us are on Holiday right now! Yeah I know that's not fair. But does is has to be a problem? NO! Let's shop for our new fall and winter wardrobe!

I start with the shoes! And I am looking for a new nice winter coat! The scarfs, I have already. Okay let's go back to the shoes! First thing first.

My black beauties are from Sacha. They are black pistol boots with snake pattern what I absolutely adore. My pistol boots are made of leather with some tall dark and handsome heals! The gold zippers make the shoes a bit tough!
Have a look:

you like them?

Enjoy your day!


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