dinsdag 24 september 2013

Make a wish

Wauw I have been busy! I am sorry that I did not post much. I worked to much, and school really wanted some attention from me. 

So there was no time for blogging. And let that be the one thing I adore! I was not happy about that.. But here I have a new post! YES! I am ready for it, are you? I will be a bit busier but it's for a good cause!

There is a wonderful charity organisation named Make-A-Wish foundation. Those special people help children with a terminal disease. Those children have one wish. And that can be every thing! Make-A-Wish foundation will fulfill that wish. Its really amazing.

This is what I am going to do. And that is, raising some money for this awesome charity. And help those children to have a nice day without any worries! How? I will tell you:

We are going to sell pepernoten. You know the famous Sinterklaas candy. Its a tradition in the Netherlands to eat that around the Sinterklaas time. It's delicious! This action is ones a year. And it's called the ''Strooigoedactie''. We will sell the pepernoten for €1,50. That is one bag of pepernoten and it's sponsored by Wibra. Really nice right. The amount of €1,50 goes directly to the foundation!

Awesome right! They will donate €1,50 to this great charity?
And as a big thank you! They will get a bag of pepernoten!

Enjoy your Tuesday!


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