donderdag 19 september 2013

Hema must haves

Hema is doing good! It's our ultimate Dutch store. They have a little place in my heart and I think in almost every Dutch person.

They have some nice blazer and jackets.
I have seen a really nice documentary about the Hema store and how they expand world wide. The Hema stores in France are really trendy. The music in the stores is so different than in the Dutch stores. It's a bit like club music but then the soft side of it.

I was really amazed about the love and dedication that you can find within the Hema employees. It's really cool to have that as a big concern. You can also see the struggles and the painful decisions in this time of year and market. The competitors are huge! But they mange to be unique.

Love it

Do you want the see the documentary?
Here is the link:

Oelala it's already Thursday! Almost weekend!!



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