maandag 2 september 2013

A great first day in September!

The first day of September was awesome!
It started really tough with a morning shift at the Hotel.
On Sunday there are no trams in the morning so I had a nice walk from Central station to the Hotel on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. 

The chaos started.. I was serving breakfast to more than 200 people. There was not enough space for all those people. And you know.. people are not really friendly in the morning. So I think you can imagine what kind of morning I had. 

But lucky me! I finished early and there was enough time left to explore the city. Annddd there was UITMARKT on Museumsquare.
It is a culture fest in Amsterdam. Museums, musicals, artist, dance groups, publishers and other city's in The Netherlands are able to show what they got! And is was awesome!

I bought some nice books for only 3,50 euro!

A few books are written by the writer Candance Bushnell. Almost everyone knows her because of the book Sex in the City. I like her way of writing! The books are awesome =) And they gave me a really cute bag of Bridget Jones! There are releasing the movie real soon! It's going to be hilarious.

I have a little surprise for you!
If you like the bag just as much as I do..?
Then it's your lucky day! I have one extra for you!
If you want to have it, just leave a comment on this blog post.

So that's it about the books!
I will show you some fun pictures about the Uitmarkt!

I really enjoyed the wine!
Cool performance

What did you do on this lovely Sunday?

Enjoy your Monday!

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