vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Tourist in my own country

Volendam of all places!

Fish, cheese, tulips, clogs (klompen), people in strange costumes, harbors, boots and a lot of tourists. Yep that is Volendam!

I was really curious to the city where all those tourist go to.
I've never been there.
So on a sunny Iris took me to Volendam!

And it was fun!
It is not a place where you can shop till your drop or something. It's a place to buy your Dutch souvenirs. 
You can see a nice fishermen village.
It's a great place to relax and eat some fish.
Than you have to go back to Amsterdam where it's awesome of course.

Look of the day:

Dress, forever 21 * Shoes, Allstars * Bag, Cowboysbag
Place, Volendam on the boulevard


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