woensdag 28 augustus 2013


Soo I showed you some brands and cool items.

But what did I buy on the Modern Hippie Market?
I will show you!

I bought some pretty nice scarfs, two actually.
One for the fall and one for the winter.
I love the colors they are so bright!

I bought the two scarfs at a really nice stand called EIVISSA STYLE. Marank van Noordt fell in love with Ibiza. She is exporting the prettiest things from Ibiza and sell them here in the Netherlands.
A few brands are her favorite like: Reina & Roses and TomTom Ibiza. The scarfs are from the brand David & Alex. 
The name of her web shop EIVISSA means actually Ibiza, nice right?

Do you want more information?
After the click you will find the prettiest items:



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