dinsdag 27 augustus 2013

shoes that make you smile, i did =)

I found this brand on the Modern Hippie Market and I fell in love.

The brand is called MIPACHA, and is founded in Cuzco which is the heart of Peru. The aim of the company is to take you on a journey actually a Peruvian travel experience and when you buy the shoes you can make it your own.

The shoes are not only extremely colorful but also really fair trade. And that is a good thing and something that I value.

This is their story:

The MIPACHA company is founded on the principles of fair trade, authenticity and the creation of better opportunities for the people of Peru. In our products we integrate economic, social en sustainability values. The MIPACHA shoes are made with South American textiles. They are handmade in Peru by passionate and skilled South Americans. Our employees work in western standard conditions and ten percent of our profit is used to fund projects beneficial to our employees, their children and communities.

Have a nice day!

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