dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Screaming Beans, Amsterdam Hotspot

Hotspot in Amsterdam!

A nice Sunday brunch with one of my dearest friend!
Screaming Beans is famous of there coffee, tea and wines.
I love there interior and the coffee's.

Is it fair trade?
Yes it is!!

The breakfast cost 12,50 euro.
You get two croissants, one piece of bread, one slice of cheese and tow slices of ham.
You can choose your eggs.
Served with some jams and orange juice and coffee. 

It was delicious, I really enjoyed it!

They don't have regular soft drinks like coca cola or fanta.
They make their own juices and they have some alternative soft drinks.

The atmosphere was good, really relaxed and nice.
I will come back for some coffee.


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