donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Michael Kors bag

I'm crazy about bags you can never have enough. Butt I have promised to not buy any more bags if they are not made of leather. And it works! Bags from leather are more expensive so I think twice before I buy the bag.

This bag is my favorite of this week. I love the color, love the shape!
I think this is my musthave.
A girl can dream right?

The bag 
is from Michael Kors and cost 295,94 euro.

Every week I want to spot a nice bag and show it you on my blog.

Today I found this bag. The color is beautiful! I like it for the fall. When I am wearing a long coat, nice boots and that back as an eye catcher.

Oeww that would be perfect!
Don't you think?

Enjoy your evening!

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