maandag 26 augustus 2013

Hippie market

Yesterday I went to the Hippie Market and it was fun!
It was great to see all those young enterprising girls who are selling their products where they believe in!

And I saw some cool items. Of course I bought a few hihi.

The hippie market was at Amsterdam Roest. It is a nice area to have the market.
But I think the area was to big for the stands. The weather was not the great but it didn't make the day any less fun!

I spotted a cute vintage brand called ICatchy. It is a online web shop for jewelry  clothes, bags and dream catchers. The stand looked really cute, and I found a nice pair of pants! 
What do you think? Cute right?

Then I walked by a nice stand with cool necklaces of the brand Cecci! It's an online Facebook shop which also appears on bazaars and markets. Below you find a picture of some fine necklaces. They cost € 17,50 and are made of rope. Really funny and an eye catcher. I really like all those bright colors! Perfect to give your outfit an extra touch right?

Enjoy your day
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